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A Great Egret & Two Fledglings


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"The Birds of Anubhuti" is a short documentary about the great egrets that nest and hatch their young in tall eucalyptus trees that rise above the Anubhuti Retreat Center in Novato, California.

The birds nest every spring and their fledglings are ready to fly by mid-summer. Above, an adult egret (at left) scrambles away from two fledglings. Between episodes of flying across a few branches, the parent feeds the young birds by regurgitating food eaten earlier by the parent and then brought back to the nest, as seen at right.


A Great Egret & Two Fledglings
A Great Egret & Two Fledglings

Current production plans include filming the great egrets, other aspects of Anubhuti, and interviews with the Center's staff and egret experts from northern California.

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Below is a brief selection of clips assembled from recent footage showing the great egrets flying.


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