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ACT to End Family Violence

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"ACT to End Family Violence" is a documentary about a live presentation by volunteer actors, poets and musicians at Marin Abused Women's Services (San Rafael, CA) in October 2009 to bring attention to Domestic Violence Awareness Month in creative ways.

Directed, produced and edited by Michael Mesmer, MFT, in cooperation with Novato Public Television, the documentary presents stories, songs, poems and dramatic scenes that illuminate the ways in which children, teens, men and women can be abused and how they can overcome and end the violence against them and others.

Between performances, a series of Public Service Announcements present family violence "facts" read aloud by volunteers (as seen at right).

PSA from "ACT To End Family Violence"
Erik Braa performing in "ACT To End Family Violence" A Great Egret & Two Fledglings

Erik Braa performing in "ACT To End Family Violence"

Featured performers include Erik Braa (above left), Hande Gokbas, Ken Goodman (below), Charles Grant, Colin Hillsinger, Jayne McPherson (at left), Liz O'Neill (above) and Sandi Rubay.

Links to several of the performances and PSAs can be found on Michael Mesmer's therapy site:

Additional information about the performances and the movie can be found on its Facebook page:

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Erik Braa performing in "ACT To End Family Violence"
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